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Metallic Polychromatic Film, Glass

Exclusive to

  • 675 x 920 mm (framed)

The artpiece 'Ara Macao' pays homage to parrots in a unique and captivating way. Its vibrant hues, from the bright greens and blues to the deep purple and black, bring life to the bird, as if it is about to take flight. The delicate swirls of colors that form its feathers are not only captivating, but also serve as a reminder of their remarkable versatility and vibrancy. Its powerful sense of movement adds a sense of realism that people can relate to, as many parrots form close bonds with humans. and it is precisely this understanding that is reflected in this artpiece.

Its beauty is magnified when the sunlight shines on it, transforming it into a three-dimensional structure with a vibrant colour spectrum. The black minimalist wooden frame and backing serve to emphasize the effect of the sunlight, creating an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

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