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2023, MFA Practise and Interim Show, UEL 


Glass, Metallic films, Resin

40 x 30 x 20 cm

Art is a reflection of life, and the choices we make contribute to the consolidation of our experiences and emotions. But what happens when excessive rumination presents a considerable obstacle to the creative process? In this project, I examine the interplay between habitual thinking patterns and the creative decisions that we make. I explore how these decisions, made in close succession, often synchronize to culminate in a convergence of incidents that mold the direction of the art.

Creative Process


The third design includes a sculptural frame structure that adds support and enhances the overall dimensionality of the piece.

The first design involves creating a pyramid-shaped structure using glass triangles. The pyramid will feature smaller triangular structures and mini pyramids that will be visible within the larger structure.

The second design delves into the interconnected boundaries of triangular figures with varying shapes and shades of gold and green.

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